Building Automation

There are many instances where commercial automation is useful. Automated lighting control, for example, provides a means for adjusting lighting according to demand and the amount of natural light in a commercial space, so as to save energy and maximize efficiency.

A simple automation procedure yields energy-saving results that are also beneficial for the environment.

At SAR SA we only use the latest available technology and we adapt our approach to industrial and commercial automation to ensure optimal, future-oriented results in every undertaking.

We offer multiple ways to add value to commercial buildings through automation. An automated lighting control system can combine functionality such as CCTV, intercom, window blind and access control. Having a single control system for each of these elements makes it easy to control and fine-tune commercial environments with speedy precision. Our modern lighting control systems provide the means for adapting your environment effortlessly, so that it meets your immediate needs. It is core to SAR SA’s philosophy to create turnkey automation solutions for industrial and commercial environments that are environmentally safe and enhance efficiency.

With our extensive experience and training in the field of electronic automation, we possess the technical skill and understanding necessary for completing commercial automation upgrades and new installations quickly.


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