Environmental Technology

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing global awareness of environmental and ecological issues, leading many governments, multinational corporations as well as smaller businesses to invest in renewable energy.

SAR has extensive experience in all aspects of renewable energy, from consulting and designing off-grid, hybrid and grid tight solar power systems to overseeing installation, monitoring and maintenance. We partner with clients from the consultation stage through to operation of environmental technology, to ensure an end result of maximum system quality and operation efficiency for every project.

In addition to solar power technology, we have experience in automating thermal waste and water processing plants, and our skill in these areas is equally sought-after.

There are multiple advantages to choosing SAR for providing your environmental technology solutions. As industrial, commercial and environmental engineering specialists, we have attained international experience through completing projects in Germany, Italy, South Africa, the US and Slovenia. Our international presence means that our clients have access to contact persons in every language, which ensures the smooth communication that is crucial to project success.We pride ourselves on providing environmental solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and we have an extensive supplier framework that enables us to provide the latest, most sophisticated technology at the most competitive pricing. Our speed is also well-known in the industry – projects have included a 7,5ha solar grid we installed for Aurach, Germany, and this major project was completed within two months.


Department of Environmental Affairs – 366KW Grid-tied Photovoltaic System

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY The Department Of Environmental Affairs is the first 6-star rated Green Building in South Africa. A 366kW grid-tied PV system is installed on the roof of the building and supplies approximately 10% of the annual energy needs of the building. Scope of work included the Engineering and Design, Installation and Commissioning of the […]

Siemens – Hybrid System

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY SAR Electronic SA has designed, installed and commissioned two Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Systems to supply power to the construction sites of two 50 MW Solar Power Plants in De Aar and Droogfontein. Each system consists of 60kW photovoltaic modules, inverters to take the direct current supplied by the modules and convert it into […]

Activate Architecture – 5.1 kW Grid-tied Photovoltaic System with Battery Backup

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY Activate architecture an architectural design firm based in Rosebank Johannesburg, decided to take action in the midst of the South African Energy crisis by investing in a Photovoltaic System with Battery Backup. A 5.1 kW PV System is installed on the roof of the building supplying 70% of the annual energy needs. System […]