The BMW F30 is an internal corporate chassis designation for the BMW 3 series. The series is the sixth generation of the BMW 3 series range of compact cars.

MA Automotive has been awarded the contract to manufacture and supply several body parts for this specific BMW model. This involved not only the pressing of sheet metal parts, but also the assembly of single parts to sub-assembly groups such as doors, bonnets, trunklids and fenders.

As those assembly cells use a complex and standardized product and process architecture (BMW PL7 Standard) to ensure high productivity, the design, installation and programming required an experienced system integrator. Through its ability to integrate into the international SAR holding company, SAR Electronic SA was able to deliver and meet all the client’s standards and requirements.

Scope of work included electrical hardware and software planning, cabinet building, electrical installation, PLC and robot programming and commissioning of the cells up to the first automated production run.