SAR Electronic SA has designed, installed and commissioned two Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Systems to supply power to the construction sites of two 50 MW Solar Power Plants in De Aar and Droogfontein.

Each system consists of 60kW photovoltaic modules, inverters to take the direct current supplied by the modules and convert it into alternating current, a multicluster box, island inverters and a 48V battery system to supply power to the load at night and in the event of bad weather. The batteries support a AC load of 30 kW for at least 3.5 hours, the back-up time increases significantly when less power is been drawn from the system. Should the batteries charge run low, a 110 kW diesel generator automatically switches on to ensure uninterrupted, fully grid-independent energy. All equipment has been installed in an easy to move 40ft container.

Scope of work included the Engineering and Design, Installation and Commissioning of the System. Project Management and Performance Measurements also formed part of SAR’s contract.